They'll keep going on
Someone once said "The show must go on"...even after "that" news.
Looking backward, we could have predicted the end of R.E.M. from many signs: listen carefully to All the Best lyrics, or to It Happened Today (even clearer after Eddie Vedder's tribute). Look to all the side projects they had already. It was supposed to happen, one day or another. It did.
We admit we've been trying to write something about it many times and never found what to say: it's hard being a fan and keep detached.
So probably the best way to face this is not to complain about them not being a band anymore, but to enjoy what they still have to give us as artists and musicians. We all know they won't stay at home doing nothing.
First of all, the upcoming retrospective, their last gift to the fans (except for those in the fanclub, who will receive also their last Christmas Package!): Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage, with 3 unreleased tracks, due out on November, 15th. A single, We all go back to where we belong (do you need something clearer?), will be released on October, 18th.
Then we have tireless Peter playing in new John Wesley Harding'album and hitting the road with him & The King Charles 3 and The Minus 5 after his back injury.
We'll listen to Michael's voice again on Snow Patrol album. Gary Lightbody already thanked him for his contribution to the composition last June and now we know he will appear as a guest on their upcoming album.
We're sure Mike will do something as well (maybe an album as lead singer as he said in this interview?).
So, the band does not exist anymore, but Michael, Peter and Mike are still here, still willing to give emotion. We just have to get used to a new way of enjoying it.

As for us here in, we'll continue the work we started. We've put it a bit aside to concentrate on the new album and then on the news related to the band, now we'll concentrate to create a sort of archive, a tribute to this band that changed our life in a very concrete way.
The forum will not exist anymore, but we'll still remain interactive through social networks. There'll be some changes in multimedia and in the lyrics section. Of course, we'll keep you updated on all the news about them.
Thank you R.E.M. for giving us 31 years of amazing material to work on!!

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